Manhole Cover (Screw Keyhole)沙井蓋(匙孔式)

SK SUN KONG manhole cover, grating, drainage tray, water tank, can complies with BD, ASD, DSD, WSD, EPD, HA ,HYD,MTR standard and requirements, and installation for numerous major construction projects in Hong Kong.

Authorized Distributor of HARRIS Brazing Alloys STAY-SILV®2 & STAY-SILV®5 (WSD approval products)

SK SUN KONG 沙井蓋, 疏冷, 去水盆, 水缸, 可合符屋宇署, 建築署, 渠務署, 水務署, 環保署, 房屋署, 路政署,港鐵 要求之規格及標準, 並安裝於本港多項大型工程

本公司代理之 HARRIS Brazing Alloys /銀銲支 STAY-SILV®2 & STAY-SILV®5 (香港水務署批准使用產品) 

Product Description產品介紹

螺絲式匙孔 註冊編號:0901070.7

Advantage :
- Simple and integrated out looking.
- Flat and sealed keyhole design.
- No water or waste trap inside keyholes. Hygienic
   design avoid accumulation of stagnant water so as
   to eliminate mosquito breeding.
- Durable design of hex head screw and easy use of
   tailor made manhole key.

- Sun Kong Matching Cover are comply with BSEN124 Loading Test  (Light Duty 1.5T) (Medium Duty 12.5T), (Heavy Duty 30T), (Ultra Heavy Duty 40T)


螺絲式匙孔 註冊編號:0901070.7
優點 :
- 簡潔整齊外觀.
- 平面及密封式匙孔設計.
- 不會藏垢及杜絕蚊蟲滋生.
- 不銹鋼內六角螺絲設計耐用, 特做沙井匙使用簡易

-SK新鋼牌沙井蓋合符 BSEN124 重力測試耍求 (輕身1.5T) (中身12.5T) , (重身30T) ,(超重身40T)


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